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Permutation-based Crypto 2020

May 9, 2020 | Zagreb - Croatia
co-located with EUROCRYPT 2020


In the last decade, it has become clear that permutation-based cryptography is highly competitive in terms of performance and resource usage when compared to classical block ciphers and their modes. The goal of the Permutation-Based Crypto (PBC) workshop is to bring together academics and industry experts to discuss recent advances in this research area, as well as provide an introduction to anyone interested in discovering more about this field.

Co-located with Eurocrypt 2020 in Zagreb, Croatia, the PBC workshop will feature invited talks and con-tributed talks. The latter will be selected by the steering committee from the received contributions.

Previous Edition

The University of Milan and Radboud University previously organized the first edition of this workshop in 2018.

Find more information here.

Selected fields

Talks can be about recent unpublished results, working progress as well as results recently published in other venues. Submissions are welcome on all technical aspects of permutation-based cryptography including, but not limited to:

  • cryptanalysis
  • modes
  • applications and protocols
  • implementations
  • side-channel and fault attacks


  • December 2019
  • Call for submission open
  • Submission deadline — March 20, 2020
  • Notification of acceptance — April 10, 2020


  • Joan Daemen
  • Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Steering committee

  • Christof Beierle — Ruhr University Bochum, Germany
  • Stelvio Cimato — University of Milan, Italy
  • Joan Daemen — Radboud University, Netherlands
  • Christoph Dobraunig — Radboud University, Netherlands
  • Silvia Mella — STMicroelectronics, Italy
  • Ling Song — IIE, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
  • Gilles Van Assche — STMicroelectronics, Belgium
  • Benoît Viguier — Radboud University, Netherlands
  • Damian Vizár — Centre suisse d’électronique et de microtechnique (CSEM), Switzerland
  • David Wong — Blockchain Facebook, USA


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